How to treat the skin hemangioma?

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Hemangioma is a benign tumor is very common, but in real life, but very few people to pay attention to it, but if the hemangioma in the face, will affect the appearance, make people feel very inferiority, and the skin hemangioma, if care is not good, there may be disease incidence, local skin often injured or infected, causing the skin resistance ability is weak, the body vulnerable to disease. Skin hemangioma need to be diagnosed by the hospital, and then take appropriate treatment. It can not be ignored if it grows on the body, if it is on the face, it should be symptomatic based on its own condition.
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answered by MABLE
Cryotherapy in the treatment of cutaneous hemangioma is more popular in recent years, the fast, principle is through the hemangioma cells inside the tissue to condensation, a method for vascular rupture and death of tumor cells, for the treatment of small hemangioma effect will be better, the disadvantage is the treatment is not complete, easy to relapse.
Laser treatment of cutaneous hemangioma is a common treatment, for larger, hemangioma deep color, should adopt many laser to cure, choose a regular hospital for treatment, during treatment, must protect the local, often do not let collision or bacterial infection, cause wound infection.
Methods surgical resection is the rapid treatment of cutaneous hemangioma, hemangiomas of relatively large can try this method, but if the patient is scar skin, after surgery in the affected area tends to keloids, after careful nursing, using some scar removal anti-inflammatory ointment, used under the guidance of a doctor.
Skin hemangioma has little effect on the patient's body, but affects the appearance. Attention should not be paid to the affected area, so as to avoid bleeding and infection. It is better not to use skin care products in the affected area, so as not to cause skin weakness.
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