What's the symptoms of abortion?

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answered by VERNA
Pregnancy is a sacred mission for women, but women sometimes have to face the problem of abortion. Many women after pregnancy if their baby will want more happiness, will hope that their baby is very healthy, so most women are regularly to the hospital for prenatal care, for the healthy growth of the fetus is relatively good, but some women in the first three months of pregnancy, did not pay attention to physical health. May cause abortion, abortion symptoms are more obvious, most women may cause symptoms of abdominal pain, may also cause vaginal bleeding phenomenon, must pay attention to.
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answered by CANDICE
The first is that pregnancy can be divided into three stages: early pregnancy, mid pregnancy, and late pregnancy. It is very easy to cause abortion at the early stage of pregnancy, because the fertilized eggs haven't been completely made at this time. This time a pregnant mother miscarriage may be caused by your mother's routine exercise.
Second: there is a situation that causes the pregnant mother to have a miscarriage, perhaps because of eating something that should not be eaten, such as eating hawthorn, crabs and so on. These foods can easily cause the contraction of the uterus to cause abortion. So the pregnant mother should pay attention to the diet, some things can't be eaten.
Third: in the whole pregnancy should pay attention to the rationality of the diet, some things are not to eat. There is another situation that may cause a pregnant mother to have a miscarriage, a sexual life. Especially in the early pregnancy or in the late pregnancy, sexual life can easily lead to abortion.
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answered by KELLI
Hello, if signs of early pregnancy vaginal bleeding or persistent abdominal pain that threatened abortion, recommended to the hospital as soon as possible to check the situation, it is necessary to defend work, good health!
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answered by JODI
There are many types of hi general symptoms of abortion, abortion is red, small abdominal pain in the early stages of pregnancy may not be accompanied by pain, vaginal bleeding and other symptoms appear and then the main consideration is divided into general abortion abortion, threatened abortion and incomplete abortion to keep abortion and complete abortion and other circumstances, sometimes missed abortion can not have any symptoms, usually at the time of examination found that the pregnancy sac has stopped growing, guidance and died in the womb, above is the main symptoms of pregnancy after abortion, pay attention to rest, avoid fatigue and stay up late, to maintain a good mood, do not go to regular prenatal care and other general problems, do not worry too much, I hope that the answer can help you.
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answered by PAM
The main symptoms of abortion are abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Abortion is divided into threatened abortion, incomplete abortion, complete abortion, missed abortion etc.. If can defend treatment of threatened abortion. Complete abortion is an inevitable abortion, and it is necessary to clear the palace. Advice: I don't know what you're going to have, that's the kind of abortion. If it's not clear in connection
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