What is the cause of the pain under the eye?

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What is the cause of the pain under the eye?

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Eye pain is a common ophthalmology disease. In the face of this disease, we should not despise nor be too nervous. It is mainly relaxation. Generally speaking, the disease is mostly seen in white-collar workers. We should find the main cause of the pain below the eyes. It's very important for the right medicine. Generally speaking, we usually use the eye drops to relieve the pain of our eyes, but these are all temporary solutions. It's very important to prescribe the right medicine.
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answered by JOHNNIE
First: the pain underneath the eye. If there is a pain situation, then it may be because the eyesight began to decrease the situation, and there may be a foreign body into the eyes, with a long time with the eye has a direct relationship, so there may be caused by ocular diseases such as glaucoma, dry eye, etc., should be timely treatment.
Second: many times because of fatigue, if the situation is serious, so there may be dizziness and nausea, vomiting, so each of us should protect their eyes, proper rest, avoid the eyes caused by the threat of pain and injury, relieve eye fatigue.
Third: do eye exercises is also very useful, can relieve eye fatigue, eye inflation, it promotes the blood circulation around our eyes, then we can rest. Another thing we should pay attention to is that eye fatigue and eye rising may also be a part of the upper body fire. The physical condition of different people is different, so it is also a food to avoid eating less.
We usually use the eye, be sure to protect your eyes, of course, at the appropriate time to do some eye exercises, in the busy work and try to make their eyes can rest, must not stay up late at night, otherwise it will increase the damage to the eyes, see some green plant.
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