What is the symptom of pregnancy?

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What is the symptom of pregnancy?

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First: women with sexual life should pay attention, if your menstruation is more than ten days later than usual, then pay attention to whether or not pregnant. But pay attention to it, sometimes the menopause is not necessarily pregnant, but also may be poor physical condition, it is necessary to pay more attention to the body in peacetime.
Second: if you're in the sexual life after menopause, and six weeks, and there are often chills, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, frequent urination, eating acid or greasy disgust, often feel nausea or vomiting symptoms and so on to take care of your pregnancy. These symptoms usually disappear after 12 weeks of menopause.
Third: pregnant women in body shape characteristics usually appear in the 8 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women's breast will increase, but also accompanied by mild breast pain, such as nipple pain and so on.
I hope my above suggestions can help you, wish you an early and healthy baby, but it doesn't mean that as long as there is a history of menopause, it will be pregnant. It should be combined with other signals.
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