What is the reason for the dry vagina?

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What is the reason for the dry vagina?

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The first is: age: there is a great relationship between vaginal dry and age of women. The secretion of estrogen is reduced in women with menopause, so this kind of dryness is a normal physiological phenomenon.
Second: estrogen deficiency: in addition to the first point of our age problem, there is a lack of estrogen. Because estrogen can cause vaginal wall, cervical secretion of mucus, help to lubricate the vagina, so if the secretion is reduced, dry and attendant.
Third: inflammation: gynecologic inflammation is a common disease of female friends, the most common is vaginitis. It will also cause dry vagina at this time.
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Vaginal dryness disease refers to married women in vaginal secretions significantly reduced the gynecological diseases, also known as vaginal dryness syndrome, which belongs to the vaginal. The vaginal dryness of women has a great relationship with age, pressure, and inflammation.
1. Eat less contraceptives
For other people, taking regular contraceptives for a long time, progesterone in the medicine may cause vaginal dry side effects, and make women's sexual life lose vitality, which will cause vaginal dry for a long time. So experts remind people to eat less contraceptives.
2. Suffering from vaginitis
If you have vaginitis, the vaginal mucous membrane will be congested during sexual life, resulting in a decrease in secretion, which will lead to vaginal dryness. If there is vaginitis, you will be treated in time.
3. Lack of sexual excitement
The female has sexual impulse, but it can't reach the necessary level, or if the husband goes straight to the topic, it will lead to less secretion of body fluid and dry vaginal. Couples should have good communication and coordination, do enough foreplay.
4. Disequilibrium of diet
Vitamin B2 is a necessary substance for biological oxidation in the body. Usually, the lack of vitamin B2, the human body can appear angle inflammation, eyelid inflammation, conjunctivitis, skin dry and desquamation and other symptoms. There are also problems in the mucosa of the human cavities, causing mucosal lesions, such as the thinning of mucous membrane, the damage of the mucosa and the rupture of the microvessels. The damage to female reproductive organs is more serious. The most typical symptoms are vaginal wall dryness, vaginal mucosal congestion and ulceration, which directly affect sexual desire, resulting in loss of sexual desire, sexual indifference and sexual discomfort.
If the vaginal dryness is caused by unbalanced diet, you can eat more grain and skin grain to increase the elasticity and moisture content of the skin. Eat more foods rich in vitamin B2, such as milk and milk products, animal liver and kidney, egg yolk, eel, carrots, celery, seaweed, letinous edodes, orange, orange, orange, etc..
If the symptoms are already serious, take vitamin B2 tablets on time, 3 times a day, 2 tablets (10 mg) each time, and stop the medication after the symptoms are improved.
5. Endocrinopathy
Over 35 years old, if there is a frequent occurrence of irregular menstruation in a period of time, it may mean endocrine disorders, and also lead to a decrease in vaginal secretions. Menopause women can cause dryness because of the decline in hormone levels after menopause, which can be supplemented by a doctor under the guidance of a doctor.
6. Great psychological pressure
Work and life pressure can cause low sexual desire, sexual arousal retardation, vaginal dryness. Women need to relax and reduce stress.
7. Flushing too often
No girls think that the leucorrhea is very dirty, often repeated vaginal deep irrigation. However, it is this kind of excessive cleaning, causing the vagina can not retain due secretions and beneficial bacteria, the result of vaginal dryness.
Do not use alkaline soap or other chemical substances of Potassium Permanganate cleaning so as to alter the normal vaginal acidity environment, clean the vulva is enough, to avoid frequent vaginal washing.
(2) prepare your own special cleaning basin and special cleaning equipment and towels. Cleaning equipment should be cleaned before use, dry towel after use or dry in the ventilating place, it is better to be exposed to the sun in the sun, which is beneficial to sterilization and disinfection. Because the towels do not see the sun for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria and fungi.
With warm water to clean the vulva, must use soap, use less irritating baby soap, to reduce skin irritation.
The stool after using toilet paper from front to back and wipe clean with warm water to wash or rinse the best to develop the habit of anus. If you do not wipe the net, the anal mouth has fecal stains, pollution of the underwear, fecal stains in the intestinal bacteria will take the opportunity to turn into the vagina, causing inflammation.
The menstrual period, with warm water to wash the vulva, frequently change sanitary napkin, lest the blood become bacterial medium.
8. Infection of genitals
Vaginal dry, forced sexual intercourse can cause vaginal congestion, even swelling, vaginal mucosa damage, resulting in infection, and even induce a variety of diseases, vaginal dryness will be more serious.
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answered by GAYLE
Vagina is an important reproductive organ of women. During sexual life, vaginal fluid can secrete love fluid so that it can play a role of lubrication, so that the penis can enter smoothly. But some female friends find their vagina dry and unable to finish the sexual intercourse successfully when they are in sexual life. So what's wrong with vaginal dryness? Let's introduce the following reasons.
What is a woman's vaginal dryness
1, physiological phenomena
Female vaginal dryness is a common physiological phenomenon, it is to have a great relationship and the age of women, as women age quickly to menopause or has entered menopause, estrogen levels will be significantly reduced, the vaginal wall will tend to smooth, vaginal secretions will gradually reduce.
2. Endocrinopathy
A lot of female friends lead to endocrine disorders due to diet inattentions or bad habits, which will reduce vaginal secretion and dry vaginal condition. In addition, women with serious endocrine disorders may also lead to the lack of estrogen in the body, which is also easy to cause vaginal dryness.
3. Gynecologic inflammation
Gynecologic inflammation is also one of the important causes of vaginal dryness. Many women do not develop good habits, and suffer from gynecologic inflammation like this or that, such as vaginitis. These inflammation can affect the mood of a female friend. When they are in a life of husband and wife, their interest is low, and naturally they cannot secrete more liquid.
Through the above introduction, I believe that you have already understood what a woman's vaginal dryness is going on. There are many reasons for female vaginal dryness, in addition to the above described these, sometimes in life in the process of some fear feels uncomfortable when there will be tension, so it has not invested, resulting in the vaginal dryness.
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