Always want to retch,how is it?

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asked in Internal Medicine by ALLISON
Recently do not know how, when the work is felt in the blues, usually if I was a very greedy girl, see all the delicacy always can not help but want to go to eat, some time ago is always feel uncomfortable stomach. Take time to dry, the uncomfortable symptoms have lasted more than a week, because I usually work very busy, so there is no time to leave the hospital, particularly severe retching yesterday afternoon

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answered by BERNADETTE
First: there are many kinds of diseases can cause retching, more common is the stomach uncomfortable, in which case we can do a gastroscopy, if the patient itself is suffering from aspects of gastrointestinal disease, it is possible to indigestion, just in time to eat some pungent food caused vomiting.
Second: another word, if the female infection is likely to be pregnant, because in the early stages of pregnancy, the fertilized egg in the uterus for implantation, the stage of embryonic development is not very stable, the female body progesterone level will serious illness, so there will be vomiting temporary.
Third: sometimes because some of the side effects of drugs can also cause vomiting, especially as some cancer patients, they finished chemotherapy after the body to bear the side effects of too big, hair loss will vomit, but the specific situation but also specific analysis, the best you can ask professional doctor.
Matters needing attention
If the body is often the best we can retch, to the hospital to check my stomach. Many patients, who are suffering from stomach disease, but do not know themselves, like she can do Helicobacter pylori test, usually side effects are small, and the results are faster.
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answered by LEE
Disease analysis:
Refers to vomit and retching, vomiting, no (or only a small amount of saliva and vomit) sound symptoms. By the stomach disharmony, caused by inverse gas attack. Clinical should be divided into cold and heat treating, and Heweijiangni to. Retching generally showed food stagnation, stagnation of liver qi, stomach deficiency type, cold type, heat type, stomach deficiency and stomach heat syndrome.
May be superficial gastritis caused by treatment, mainly to the stomach, eat regularly, eat more carbohydrates, protein and vitamins, trace elements, reasonable collocation, strengthen physical exercise, the best way to keep happy on. In peacetime, pay attention to nutrition and keep warm, do not eat spicy and irritating food, it is recommended to go to regular hospital to determine the condition and timely treatment.
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answered by PAULETTE
Disease analysis:
My stomach is too full or space will appear is due to retching, stomach discord. The stomach is a major cause of discord, gastrointestinal dysfunction, TCM theory holds that the spleen and stomach is the day after tomorrow, the stomach is closely related to people's health.
You can eat some food for protecting stomach qi. Because there is no obvious organic change in itself, the examination of Western medicine can not be found out. The treatment can be adjusted from the traditional Chinese medicine diet, the function of the intestines and stomach is becoming more and more normal, and the symptoms of your appearance will gradually disappear.
We must insist on eating breakfast, and eat some digestible food, such as black rice, Millet Congee, tremella soup and so on. Don't eat too much at regular meals. Seven or eight points will do. Eat less and eat more, effectively control discomfort. Is the drug three points, so do not recommend drug treatment, you can start from a regular diet, reasonable diet adjustment.
The above is to "often retch is what reason?" The suggestion of this question, hope to you have the help, wish you health!
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