What is the reason for the dark yellow face?

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What is the reason for the dark yellow face?

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What is the reason for the dark yellow face
Some yellowish color caused by food: carrots, pumpkin, orange juice, water spinach, cabbage, mango and other fruits and vegetables rich in carotenoids, caused by excessive intake of carotenemia, causing the skin to turn yellow, with the palms and soles is most obvious, followed by the face, ears, can be serious systemic skin.
When the people of poor circulation can cause yellowing of the skin: a direct impact on the liver and blood, anger or stagnation it is easy to form the blood barrier, affects the facial blood circulation, the skin will naturally become dim and dark.
When excessive body endotoxin accumulation would lead people to appear pale yellow case: due to fatigue, stress or other physiological reasons, the body will lead to metabolic disorders, endocrine disorders, resulting in human waste long-term stay in the body, so that the residual waste in the intestines began to corruption, the colon flora will continue to break down waste there, produce toxins, memory loss, fatigue, sallow and endocrine disorders, obesity, etc..
This is the reason for the dark yellow face. It is the key to improve the skin.
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Disease analysis:
The black and yellow skin, in the diet should eat some rich in vitamin C, fresh fruit, especially cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, large amounts of vitamin C can help restore melanin to prevent dark spots, freckles, make the skin more shiny, healthy glow.
Eat less food such as animal liver, beans, peaches, and so on, because the copper or zinc that contains these foods will make the skin black. In addition, like celery, fennel, white radish, parsley and other light food, they also need to be eaten less, they can cause the skin to produce black spots after the sun.
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