What is the cause of the infection of Campylobacter

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What is the cause of the infection of Campylobacter´╝č

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It is believed that there are 3 species of Campylobacter are pathogenic to man, Campylobacter fetus can typically cause bacteremia often occurs in adults, with good disease such as diabetes, liver cirrhosis or cancer patients. These bacteria can also cause recurrent infections, if the patient's immune globulin defective the recurrent infection it is difficult to treat. Campylobacter jejuni can cause meningitis in infants, Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter colonic can cause diarrhea in any age group. Campylobacter is a common bacterial pathogen that can be isolated, and >90% can be isolated to obtain Campylobacter jejuni. Contact with an infected animal in the wild or domesticated. The intake of contaminated food (especially uncooked poultry food) and water can cause an outbreak of outbreak, but the source of transmission of cases is often unclear. In the summer of Campylobacter diarrhea outbreak and occurrence (up to 30% of cases) with Guillain-Barr syndrome correlation exists between.
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