What is the cause of cervical erosion?

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What is the cause of cervical erosion?

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The real cause of cervical erosion is not clear, generally married after mechanical stimulation or injury, such as childbirth, abortion or sexual life is too frequent, can cause varying degrees of cervical epithelial damage, reduce the local resistance of cervical, cause cervicitis. But it is found that women who have no sexual life also have cervical erosion, sometimes even severe erosion. Thus, sex life is not the culprit of cervical erosion. At the same time, experts remind women who are not married or asexual, if there is an increase in continuous leucorrhea or with changes in color and texture, they should be treated in a gynecological clinic in time to find out the causes and treat them in time. Some people think that cervical erosion is caused by sexual life, and once the diagnosis of cervical erosion, it is quite exclusive to sexual life, this view is wrong.
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1. what is cervix erosion?
Is a main type of chronic cervicitis, more common in women of childbearing age, there is a certain relationship and sexual life, in childbirth, abortion or vaginal surgery, cervical inflammation caused by pathogens, because the endocervical columnar epithelium is thin, poor resistance, and folds, pathogen lurking, infection is not completely clear and caused by chronic inflammation.
2. what are the pathogens?
Acute conversion to chronic disease is most common in Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis and human papillomavirus. Besides, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Escherichia coli and anaerobic bacteria.
3. how do you classify them?
It can be divided into three kinds of simple, granular and mastoid, which can be divided into three degrees, medium and heavy according to the area of erosion.
Can 4. virgins have cervix erosion?
According to the time of erosion, it can be divided into two kinds of congenital and postnatal species, which are caused by inflammation. About 15-20% of young unmarried women have congenital uterine erosion, mostly self - healing and secondary inflammation due to infection.
5. I really tell why the health of the cervix erosion?
Cervical erosion is a common type of chronic inflammation of the cervix in women, which has a high incidence in women in the childbearing period. Many women want me to pay attention to health, why do you get this disease? In fact, the disease is not necessarily the result of no health.

6. what are the symptoms?
The main manifestation is the increase of leucorrhea. The amount, shape, color and smell of the leucorrhea are different because of the pathogenic bacteria, the range of inflammation and the extent of the disease. It can be creamy white or yellow pus or blood color. Cervical erosion can cause contact bleeding or irregular vaginal bleeding. When the inflammation spreads to the pelvic cavity, there may be lumbago, sacral pain, abdominal pain, falling down and dysmenorrhea. It will aggravate every time menstruation, defecation or sexual intercourse. A few people can have infertility. It seriously affects the physical and mental health of women.
7. no symptoms can be treated without symptoms?
Some people in light, no obvious symptoms, do not want treatment, experience tells us that self-healing rarely, no treatment will be more and more heavy, recent studies also showed that the cervical erosion and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in a certain relationship, and the occurrence of HPV infection and cervical cancer, therefore, should be cervical active treatment of erosion.
8. what is the best treatment?
At present, most of the treatment methods are vaginal and physical methods. Vaginal medication is mixed preparation of traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine and antibiotics, how has the effect of heat and dampness, relieving swelling and pain, promoting blood circulation and promoting granulation, and non-invasive, convenient in use, easy to be accepted by patients, especially in patients with mild cervical erosion. But for the patients with moderate and severe cervical erosion, the effect of drug treatment is not good and the time is long. It is suggested that the physical method be used in order to get better curative effect.
9 what are the physical treatments?
Physical method is used to destroy the epithelium of the cervical erosion surface, make it necrotic and fall off, and let the new squamous epithelium cover. It takes about 6-8 weeks to smooth the cervix. The commonly used electric iron, laser, freezing, infrared, KS light etc..
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