May I ask how the cervical erosion should be prevented?

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May I ask how the cervical erosion should be prevented?

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The regular examination of the cervix is necessary, not to prevent cervical erosion, but to prevent cervical cancer. The occurrence of cervical cancer is related to the infection of human papillomavirus (HPV). Some high-risk HPV infection patients are prone to precancerous lesions and cervical cancer when they are infected continuously in the cervical columnar junction area. Since the cervix cancer has the cervix scraping film, the death rate has been greatly reduced, the key is to prevent and treat in advance. It is recommended that women who are 21 years old should have cervical scraping once a year. After 30 years old, they can be combined for HPV examination. If 3 times HPV and cervical smear examination are negative, interval time can be extended to 3 years. Once a year is checked, after 65 years old, it can stop screening.
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answered by SHELLEY
Prevention of cervical erosion
1. keep the spirit happy, strengthen the exercise, enhance the ability to resist disease.
2, do a good job of contraception, so as not to produce the wound after the abortion and curettage.
3., keep the vulva clean. Rinse with water. Do not use various vaginal irrigation fluid to wash the pudendum everyday, so as not to destroy the normal pH of vagina, and cause bacterial infection to cause inflammation.
4., pay attention to sexual life hygiene. Before the sexual life, both men and women must clean the vulva. The man should pay attention to remove the scale. For now, it is believed that the cholesterol in the scale can be transformed into carcinogenic substance under the action of bacteria.
5. regular gynecologic examination, gynecologic inflammation should be treated in time.
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answered by LATOYA
[regular examination]
For the sake of physical health, a female friend has to go to the hospital regularly for physical examination and pay close attention to her condition. Once it is found abnormal, it must be treated in time.
[not too early to live as sex]
Some women begin to have sex when they are still very young. Because the development of the body is not mature enough, not conducive to health. If the sex partner is too many, it will cause the sex life intensity too big, the frequency is too frequent, easy to suffer from the cervix erosion. So it is not suitable for women to have sex too early and need to control themselves.
(do a good job of contraception)
In the time of sexual life, it is best to have a birth plan and do a good job of contraception. This can reduce the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, avoid accidental pregnancy and human flow, so that the cervical injury can be avoided, effectively preventing the occurrence of cervical erosion.
[pay attention to menstrual health]
If the female friends want to prevent the occurrence of cervical erosion, we should pay attention to health, especially during the special period of the menstrual period. Because during the period of menstruation, the perineum of a woman is easily intruded by the germs, causing inflammation and even causing cervical erosion.
[do not be excessively clean]
In ordinary life, it is necessary to pay attention to health, but not to be overly clean. Do not use the very large concentration of disinfectant to rinse the vagina, otherwise it will inhibit the role of bacteria, and even lead to the appearance of cervical erosion.
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