How should AIDS be prevented?

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How should AIDS be prevented?

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Although AIDS is a very serious disease, but as long as we can do a good job of prevention, then there is no need to worry too much of the disease. So what are the prevention measures of AIDS?
I believe that everyone knows that AIDS is an untreatable disease. So in order to avoid AIDS, we should learn to prevent it, isn't it? How should AIDS be prevented? What are the symptoms of AIDS? Today, I will introduce you to you. Just take a look at the interested friends.
How to prevent AIDS prevention, AIDS, AIDS, what is the symptoms of AIDS
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How to prevent AIDS
Nowadays, the spread of AIDS is mainly transmitted through love, so it is very important for a healthy husband and wife to stay away from AIDS.
1, we must strictly maintain the purity of husband and wife life, set up healthy concept of husband and wife, correctly use condoms, conduct safe love and love behaviors, and avoid taking pregnant women and control mother to child transmission.
2. No drug use, no needles, no unsterilized syringes, needles, acupuncture needles, razors, toothbrushes and various instruments. No contact with HIV blood, no use of imported blood products and tissues and organs.
3, can take free blood donation to help the blood donors to carry out HIV testing, so that the blood donors can accurately understand whether or not AIDS.
4, strengthen hospital management, strict disinfection system, control cross infection in hospital and prevent occupational exposure infection.
5. Disinfection of contaminated goods and environment in time, boiling (more than 10 minutes), effective chlorine 0.5% disinfectant, 75% alcohol and so on.
6, HIV/AIDS patients' spouses, love and contacts, intravenous drug users who share syringes with HIV/AIDS patients and children born by HIV/AIDS patients are tested for medical examination and HIV, providing them with corresponding consulting services.
7, if women and AIDS, should not be pregnant women should be pregnant, and pregnant women should terminate pregnancy.
AIDS symptoms
1. Herpes
AIDS patients have herpes. Compared with the herpes, the location is deep, the range is larger, and the pain is particularly severe. Herpes often don't heal for months.
2. Oral inflammation
Patients with thrush, mouth and tongue is a layer of thick white fur covering sometimes can also extend to the esophagus, eating difficulties.
3. Pneumonia
How to prevent AIDS prevention, AIDS, AIDS, what is the symptoms of AIDS
This is a specific fatal pneumonia, which is one of the main causes of death in AIDS patients. Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia is a case of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia.
4, fatigue, emaciation
AIDS patients often feel tired so that it is difficult to get up in the morning. Combing feels very hard, too. Night fever and night sweats lead to a loss of weight. Gingival swelling and pain, bad appetite, anorexia, the last patient is thin, showing a skeleton state.
5. Diarrhea
Patients with unexplained watery diarrhea, which means patients lose their absorption of dietary vitamin function. The physique declined rapidly, and the resistance was gradually weakened until the final loss of resistance was completely lost.
6. Lymphadenopathy
Patients with the neck and the armpit or groin pain but no lumps appear. It is easy for people to mistaken for the disease as infectious mononucleosis. But the lumps of mononucleosis are softer and painful. The initial symptoms of disease indicate that AIDS is destroying the immune cells of the human body.
7. Dermatosis
Kaposi's sarcoma, a rare skin cancer is now 30% of HIV patients have a lethal effect. The initial symptom of the disease is the emergence of a tiny purple spot on the skin that appears one after another. In a period of time, the spots can increase to 13, but the patient has no pain feeling.
8. Lymphadenocarcinoma
When a cancer spreads to the lymphatic system, it will spread quickly throughout the body, and lymph nodes will be enlarged. The virus causing this cancer is caused by the virus of infectious mononucleosis. At this point, a mild infection for a healthy person can also be a fatal factor in AIDS.
9, aging
Another symptom of AIDS is the dementia syndrome. In memory decline, eccentric, these are the physiological changes in the elderly, right to occur in AIDS patients in their twenties and thirties. They are all mental variation, unable to control themselves, energy exhaustion.
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Since the more than 10 years of AIDS, medical experts have achieved fruitful results in the fields of epidemiology, virology, immunology, diagnostics and preventive medicine. This provides a scientific basis for the prevention and control of the epidemic and transmission of AIDS in the future. People should know that AIDS transmission depends largely on people's behavior and habits. Therefore, the prevention of AIDS is entirely possible, and it can be done. For personal prevention, in addition to the knowledge of AIDS, it must be done:
(1) Jieshenziai, not illegal blood stations selling blood, not to get involved in a vice establishment, not rashly import some entertainment; any occasion should maintain a strong awareness of AIDS prevention; don't have any chances; not because they are curious to try drugs.
(2) sick to the hospital clinic, formal treatment, pay attention to the safety of blood transfusion, medical instrument disinfection is not reliable medical institutionsespeciallyprivate clinics injections, extractions, acupuncture, surgery. Appliances without disinfection, piercing tattoos, beauty.
(3) not to share with others shaver, toothbrush, etc., to avoid contact with his body fluid and blood, and to disinfect items that have been contaminated by others in time.
(4) pay attention to contact with AIDS patients. When taking blood and injection for AIDS patients, disposable syringe should be used. The blood, excrement and contaminated articles of patients should be thoroughly burned. Vessels of patients and medical equipment to someone special, such as the patient's razor, toothbrush, towels, cups should be someone special, urination and defecation after washing with soap, can achieve the purpose of disinfection.
HIV antibody positive people should be forbidden to donate blood and provide other body fluids. Women who should be informed of AIDS should not be fed to their infants at the mouth to mouth. During menstrual period, special care must be taken to treat menstrual bleeding and not to contaminate them. Condoms should be used in sexual life to prevent infecting others. At the same time, try to persuade the patient not to be pregnant, because the period of pregnancy can be infected with the AIDS virus to future generations.
Patients' sexual partners and spouses should be regularly checked for HIV antibody. Other members of the family whose antibodies are positive should also be tested for HIV in conditional areas.
In a word, AIDS is an incurable disease, but it can be prevented. The most important thing is to comply with the government regulations, to comply with sexual morality, pay special attention to the illegal blood stations -- poverty will not to sell blood, again also cannot lose the possibility of pollution emergency HIV blood, to avoid HIV infection. If there is a suspicious case of AIDS infection, you can go to various medical research institutions, large hospitals, provincial and municipal epidemic prevention institutions for examination. Once a blood sample is negative, HIV antibody is not negative, and it can not be completely excluded from AIDS. It should be checked regularly.
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At present, AIDS has become a serious public health problem that seriously threatens the health of the people of the world. At present, AIDS has changed from a fatal disease to a controlled disease. So how to effectively prevent AIDS? What are the ways to prevent AIDS?
AIDS, or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is a syndrome caused by human immunodeficiency virus infection, which leads to immunodeficiency and triggers a series of infections and tumors, which can lead to death. The following little editor will give you a few ways to effectively prevent AIDS, and hope to help you.
How to prevent AIDS from AIDS effectively? Are there any condoms to prevent AIDS
AIDS is a very dangerous infectious disease, caused by the infection of the HIV virus (virus). HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system of the human body. It takes the most important CD4T lymphocyte in the human immune system as the main target of attack and destroys the cell in a large amount and causes the human body to lose its immune function. Therefore, the human body is easy to infect various diseases, and can have malignant tumor, and the fatality rate is high. The average latent period of HIV in the human body is 8~9 years. Before AIDS, it can live and work without any symptoms for many years.
AIDS has three major modes of transmission, namely, sexual contact, blood transmission and mother to child transmission. It can be said that the root of AIDS infection is the HIV virus. HIV virus is mainly found in the body fluid of HIV infected persons and AIDS patients. Any action that causes these liquids to enter other people's body may lead to the spread of HIV virus. Therefore, in order to avoid HIV infection effectively, the following behavior may be avoided in daily life, which may lead to fluid exchange with others.
How to prevent AIDS effectively
1, clean, dirty sex, messy, is one of the main causes of AIDS, so AIDS prevention, we must avoid feculent sexual life.
2, correct use of condoms to reduce the risk of AIDS and venereal diseases.
3, sick to the regular hospital, to avoid being used without disinfection of medical instruments; pay attention to the safety of blood transfusion, is not suitable for non formal medical units of the unknown source or origin of the blood.
4, infusion to ensure that the infusion needle is a one-time, if the infusion needle is used disorderly, it is easy to lead to contamination of AIDS. AIDS is contagious through blood.
How to prevent AIDS from AIDS effectively? Are there any condoms to prevent AIDS
5, if you want to donate blood, you must find a regular blood donation unit, otherwise health conditions can not reach the standard, it is easy to be infected with HIV. Even the regular blood donation department should be optimistic about whether to use disposable needles to draw blood.
6, far away from drugs, more can not share syringe drug use.
7, do not share may puncture the skin appliances, such as razors, knives and other Pedicure; avoid contact with his body fluid and blood; disinfection appliances without piercing, tattoos, beauty.
8, try not to tattoo, tattoo with the needle is difficult to ensure adequate disinfection, repeated use of needles is often in HIV transmission media. So avoid tattoos.
9, to avoid unclean acupuncture and moxibustion treatment. Acupuncture and moxibustion used repeatedly, if not thoroughly disinfect the infection of AIDS, so in acupuncture and moxibustion must ensure that the needle is thoroughly sterilized at high temperature.
10, women with AIDS can not be pregnant, if pregnant should be immediately drained, otherwise it will bring children HIV, because the humoral transmission of HIV is very fast.
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