What are the symptoms of skin allergy?

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What are the symptoms of skin allergy?

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Some people change every season with more serious skin allergies: hair dry, itching, peeling, and erythema. Skin sensitivity is related to dry skin, and it is related to environment, climate, age, food, and cosmetics. People who are susceptible to allergies should pay more attention to the balanced intake of food and nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less fish and shrimp, beef and mutton, and greasy, sweet and irritating food.
After the symptoms of allergy, any cosmetics should be discontinued immediately, and the skin should be observed and maintained. During this period, do not wash your face with too hot water to avoid stimulating the skin, while paying attention to the sun.
2. Cosmetic allergy
Some of the ingredients in the cosmetics can cause skin allergies, stimulate the skin cells, make the skin cells produce antibodies, and lead to allergies. If skin irritation is caused by improper use of cosmetics, it can not be used at random to treat ointments for general skin diseases, otherwise, it will cause rough skin, stain and aggravate skin diseases.
3. Neurodermatitis
Neurodermatitis is a common itch skin disease in adults. The causes are generally considered to be related to mental factors, such as emotional excitement, overwork, anxiety and anxiety. Severe itching is the feature of this disease. The skin thickens after scratching, but the boundary is clear and scaly. In the early days, it was light red, and the later was pigmented. It was found in the neck, the elbow, the buttocks and the calf side.
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Allergic skin symptoms:
A red rash, which is the typical symptom of skin allergies. Is the beginning of the cheek or some red rash appeared on his forehead, but slowly red rash will increase, and finally spread to the entire face.
Two, red, sometimes wake up, may feel a piece of red on the face, and a slight itching, but there is no sign of receding. Three, tingling feeling, when the skin allergy has not improved for a long time, it will touch the nervous system, so there will be a sense of prickle.
Four, itching, with the spread of allergic symptoms, itching is the most headache of the symptoms of the. Many people use to describe themselves hardly wished to live. itching, itching will be accompanied by the whole process of allergy.
Five, pustule, rashes slowly become more popular, even fester, there will be a pustule, pus is common.
Six, the skin, the patient just started in the mouth of the skin, then the forehead, then the cheeks, and finally spread to the whole face. A lot of people face serious skin desquamation, like dandruff.
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It is often accompanied by pruritus, which occurs repeatedly every year, and it can be receded by itself.
This disease is sometimes accompanied by allergic dermatitis or other "heterotopic" history. For the treatment of the disease can not be randomly used, especially some ointment containing hormone, with certain side effects, long-term use will form a dependency. Allergens are the main causes of facial skin allergies.
Dust, animal fur and seafood and other foods in the air are allergens that induce skin allergy. Skin allergies caused by these allergens are numerous. The combination of prevention and treatment is very important. For this kind of people with allergic constitution, we should pay more attention to the combination of prevention and control, and do a good job in daily skin care. Cosmetic is one of the main allergens, so we should pay attention to the choice of cosmetics. If you can stop using cosmetics, it is the best.
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  General symptoms of skin allergy are as follows:
1, neurodermatitis: neurodermatitis is a common itching skin disease, and it is also a more obvious skin allergy symptom. The risk factors are mostly related to mental factors. Such as emotional excitement, overwork, anxiety, anxiety and so on. Severe pruritus is the characteristic of this disease, and the skin thickens after scratching, but it has clear boundaries and no scales. In the early days, it was light red, and the later was pigmented. It was found in the neck, the elbow, the buttocks and the calf side.
The 2 season of sensitive skin: some people convert every season, there will be more serious skin allergy problems: dry, itching, peeling, redness and other it is more clear fresh skin allergy symptoms.
3, cosmetic allergy: some components in cosmetics can cause skin allergy, stimulate skin cells, cause skin cells to produce antibodies, and lead to allergies. If skin irritation is caused by improper use of cosmetics, it is not allowed to use the cream of general skin diseases at random, otherwise it will cause rough skin and stain, and finally aggravate skin diseases.    

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Allergy is also called allergic reaction, also known as allergic reactions, is an abnormal immune response, which can withstand external material singularities for the normal matter (such as pollen, pet dander, egg, milk and other produce allergic reactions), the body produces the specific antibody - immunoglobulin E.
Allergic disease is a group of diseases with allergic reaction to the pathophysiological basis, usually including allergic rhinitis, asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis, urticaria and angioedema and allergic shock, insect allergy, drug allergy, food allergy etc..
The clinical symptoms of allergic diseases can be from mild sneezing to acute attack of life-threatening asthma and anaphylactic shock. Symptoms can involve almost all organs and systems in the body. The common symptoms are:
1. ENT symptoms: nasal itching, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, ear itch.
2. eye symptoms: eye itching, tears.
3. respiratory symptoms: cough, wheezing, chest tightness.
4. symptoms of digestive tract: abdominal pain and diarrhea.
The 5. Department of Dermatology symptoms: wheals, edema and other skin rash.
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Allergy symptoms are itchy skin, but also may be accompanied by redness dry crumbs, blisters, or crusting lesions and symptoms such as leakage of liquefied; the shape and size of these lesions are different, may occasionally occur chest tightness, numbness, swelling and other symptoms; when these symptoms occur when the skin is allergic, other skin allergy symptoms also include itching, sneezing, runny nose, eyes, skin rash, airway obstruction, such as urticaria or other skin symptoms, in rare cases, may even be life-threatening allergic reactions, such as one called anaphylactic shock symptoms.
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