What is the cause of frequency of urination?

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What is the cause of frequency of urination?

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answered by SHELLEY
Hello, there are many reasons for frequent micturition. There are probably the following: 1. The amount of urine is increased: under physiological conditions, such as drinking a lot of water, the amount of urine will increase as well as the frequency of micturition. In pathological conditions, such as partial diabetes, diabetes insipidus patients with more drinking water, more urine, and more urination. 2, inflammatory stimulation: acute cystitis, tuberculous cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, vulvitis and so on can occur frequency of urine. In response to inflammatory stimuli, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria may occur at the same time, known as urinary tract irritation. 3, non - inflammatory stimulation: such as urinary calculi, foreign body and so on. 4, bladder capacity is reduced, such as bladder space occupying lesions, pregnancy increased uterine compression, tuberculous bladder contracture, or larger bladder stones. 5, the mental nerve frequency of urination. It is necessary to go to the hospital to further examine the specific reasons for effective treatment.
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answered by KARLA
There are many causes of frequency of urination, such as urethritis, prostatitis, cystitis, drinking water or too much sweet food, which can cause frequency of frequency of urine. Once the symptoms you want to suspend the life, pay attention to personal hygiene, drink plenty of water, wash (with warm boiling water, cleaning the genitals) in the diet should be light, avoid spicy spicy food, in this area there are many types of bacteria, if not improved as soon as possible to the regular hospital check clear, doctor treatment.
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answered by WHITNEY
Urethral and seasonal factors:
Such as frequent but each small amount of urine, urine without expression of pain, no other symptoms, we must first consider the local factors, such as inflammation of the urethra, the foreskin is too long, or Enterobius stimulate perineum etc.. In addition, seasonal factors, in winter, polyuria is a normal phenomenon.
Dietary polyuria:
If the urine frequency is more than the urine, and there is no other performance, it is important to pay attention to whether drinking water is too much, especially the people who like to drink tea.
Frequent urination can adhere to drink will le Shu Weilie E tea, two cups a day, can add the necessary nutrients. In addition, we should pay attention to local cleaning and sanitary, and wash clothes frequently.
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answered by MAMIE
There are many reasons for this. It may be caused by urogenital infection, such as cystitis and so on. It may also be physiological. For example, if we drink too much water or eat diuretic food, let's take a detailed look at what causes the frequent micturition.
1, non - inflammatory stimulation, urinary calculi, urinary tract, foreign body and other conditions.
2, inflammatory stimulation, urinary tract inflammation and infection, most urogenital organs inflammation can affect urinary system, such as cystitis, urethritis, pyelonephritis, etc. can occur frequent micturition. Clinically, it is a syndrome of urinary tract stimulation.
3. Bladder capacity is reduced and bladder occupying lesions lead to extrusion, bladder contracture, or bladder stones. You can also choose to drink tea to have Le Shu Weilie E conditioning. Temperate character, the taste of natural Chinese medicine will not be painstakingly imported and annoyed.
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