What are the early symptoms of colon cancer?

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What are the early symptoms of colon cancer?

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Colon cancer, including rectal cancer, is a adenocarcinoma of the large intestine. It is a common malignant tumor of the intestinal tract. Its etiology is not clear yet, but the occurrence of this disease is related to the diet of more fat and less fiber. Adenomatous polyps, Schistosoma colitis, nonspecific ulcerative colitis, bacillary dysentery and Amoeba enteropathy are also closely related to the disease.
About forty percent of colon cancer located in the rectum and rectosigmoid curved, remaining cloth in the sigmoid colon, cecum, ascending colon, descending colon, transverse colon and liver, splenic flexure etc.. Colon cancer is mainly adenocarcinoma, the other is mucous adenocarcinoma and undifferentiated carcinoma, and the general form can be polyp and ulcerative. Colon cancer can develop along the intestinal wall and spread along the longitudinal diameter of the intestinal tract or deep into the intestinal wall. It can be implanted into the abdominal cavity or diffused along the suture and incision surface in addition to lymphatic vessels, blood flow and local invasion.
Colon cancer is often seen in men above the age of hand. The age of the adenomatous polyp canceration is lighter. It is a malignant tumor with early symptoms. It is easy to be confused with many diseases, and it can be cured at early stage. So, what are the main early signals of colon cancer?
Early lesions of colon cancer can be asymptomatic, or only change of bowel habits. When the tumor growth to a certain extent, there may be many bloody stool, dark, adhesion to the stool surface. On a stool, should first consider to have colorectal cancer may be best to do a colonoscopy, which is the most effective method for early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
Some patients with colon cancer will have the change of bowel habit early, some people will appear diarrhea, constipation alternation, abdominal pain, abdominal distention and anemia and so on. Colorectal cancer early signal: bowel habit change, such as the number of increases or constipation, stool with blood, defecation thinning, after stool still want to be again. In this case, we should go to the hospital.
The prevention of colon cancer should strengthen timely treatment on inflammation and intestinal polyps; eat salted, smoked, high fat, high sugar foods; eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains increase proportion; develop the habit of defecate, prevent constipation; reduce fat and processed meat products, a variety of intake; alcoholism; proper physical exercise.
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Colon cancer suggests that occurred in patients with colon cancer, the incidence of colon cancer in 40-50, colon cancer early symptoms are not obvious and is often neglected, it is usually discovered in the late stage, this is also one of the reasons for the high rate of death with colon cancer, colorectal cancer is the third death rate of cancer after lung cancer with liver cancer. If colon cancer can be found timely and treated in time, colon cancer can have great chance of survival. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the early symptoms of colon cancer, because only in this way can we find colon cancer early and treat early.
1. early colon cancer at the earliest time may appear discomfort, bloating, indigestion like symptoms, including right-sided colon cancer, for abdominal pain and discomfort or pain. The early symptoms of colon cancer at the beginning can be intermittent and then continue. The change of stool habits is also one of the symptoms of early colon cancer. When the right colon showed early thin stool with pus and blood, and the increased frequency of defecation, when colon cancer continues to increase affect by feces could occur when the alternating diarrhea and constipation, and left colon cancer are mostly difficult defecation, and with colon cancer progression and increasing.
2. will have abdominal mass, which can be movable, and the late block will be fixed. In addition, there will be intestinal obstruction, and colon cancer patients will also have anemia, low fever, fatigue, emaciation, swelling and other symptoms, especially anemia and emaciation. Metastatic cancer may occur in advanced colon cancer.
From the above list can be seen with early symptoms of cancer easily mistaken for indigestion, is not easy to be found, so if long-term indigestion will need to go to the hospital for an examination, in a word, we must pay attention to the early symptoms of colon cancer, the timely discovery and timely treatment, can guarantee a healthy life good.
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In recent years, the occurrence of colon cancer has become a kind of tumor that threatens more and more people, and the incidence of colon cancer is increasing year by year. It is very important to recognize the harmfulness of colon cancer. When colon cancer happens, there are often many complications. Today we will recognize the symptoms of colon cancer together.
1., the recessive bleeding of anemia is sometimes difficult to detect. Due to chronic blood loss, the onset of symptoms is characterized by anemia of unknown origin. It usually does not attract the attention of doctors and patients. Until the anemia is serious or abdominal mass is considered, it is too late to consider colon cancer.
2. mucus then some intestinal liver cancer can secrete a large number of mucus, and with the growth of liver cancer, the secretion of mucus increases and the number of stool increases.
3. stool deformed or thinned on the anal side of the liver cancer, with the growth of liver cancer, the stool can be gradually deformed and thinned, stool frequency increased, and there is a feeling of defecation. The obstruction of intestinal obstruction caused by the development of liver cancer can cause obstruction of bowel movements.
4. abdominal inappropriate liver cancer growth to a considerable volume of infiltration or wall caused by the stricture, the intestinal feces through the blocked, this can appear bowel sound enhancement, abdominal distention, abdominal discomfort, constipation and other symptoms.
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Colon cancer is a common gastrointestinal cancer in our life, colon cancer mortality is very high, so many people feel very fear, although the level of medical technology now is already very high, but many cancers are not a cure, so if you check out the cancer then, early treatment, the probability of success is relatively high, so what are the symptoms of early colorectal cancer?
1, the symptoms, abdominal discomfort, this is the obvious symptoms in patients with colon cancer, in the early days, just a little pain, abdominal distension, but is not very obvious, so people always thought that only common gastrointestinal diseases, will recover spontaneously, in fact, this kind of symptoms over time will gradually become more and more serious, and often vomiting, abdominal pain will feel more intense.
2, two people, wasting symptoms more quickly, people look cadaverous face emaciation with sallow complexion, thin, this is not an ordinary thin, very fast, after a period of time will find that you have is skin and bone, because of the risk of colon cancer. So the appetite is not very good, but your body's digestion and absorption ability will be getting worse, so lead to malnutrition, weight loss is very fast.
3, there will be three symptoms, abdominal mass, relatively hard, feel what you will find in the early days, the mass is not particularly large, then gently press the words is not particularly obvious pain, so it is not easy to detect, and then there will be abnormal stool, the stool which is often accompanied by blood, and pull out the stool is always sparse, looking at is special not normal that A.
So to summarize the main symptoms of colon cancer has more than three, which is easy to be found very fast and thin, poor appetite, abdominal pain and abdominal distension often, but also more serious problems, and not self rehabilitation, always repeated attacks, but also will be more and more serious, so if you have this the symptoms, then you have to go to do B, to do a comprehensive inspection.
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