What are the early symptoms of arteriosclerosis?

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What are the early symptoms of arteriosclerosis?

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1. Dizziness and headache
Early arteriosclerosis can make people feel dizzy and headaches and often suffer from blunt pain in the forehead and the back of the brain. Dizziness occurs when the body changes. Walking is unstable, and can also produce vertigo, nystagmus, nausea and so on, and it is accompanied by the phenomenon of difficulty in huff and puff and so on.
2. Impairment of memory
Early arteriosclerosis can make people's attention inattentional, labor ability decline, work and study is very laborious, and memory loss is very fast, when things happen, but memory defect is not very obvious.
3, early sleep disorder
Early arteriosclerosis, insomnia, difficult to fall asleep, dream, easy to wake up, night sweats and other performance. And emotional behavior changes very much. In addition, the arteriosclerosis of the brain may be varied because of the involvement of the brain tissue.
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Arteriosclerosis is a vascular disease with the growth of people's age. The regularity of arteriosclerosis usually occurs during the youth period, and is aggravated and affected in the middle and old age. There are more men than women. In recent years, this disease has gradually increased in China, which has become one of the main reasons for the death of the elderly. If we can recognize some symptoms of cerebral arteriosclerosis earlier, we must delay self development and monitor the development of cerebral arteriosclerosis.
Signs of cerebral arteriosclerosis
1. Emotional abnormality
Cerebral arteriosclerosis is easy to excitability and lack of self-control at the early stage. With the aggravation of the disease, it will gradually appear indifferent, lack interest in surrounding things and lack enthusiasm for people. Easily excited, sometimes without laughter, sadness or anxiety, tension, fear, paranoia. The work is sometimes go-slow, sometimes cheerful and positive.
2. Neurasthenia
The early stage of cerebral arteriosclerosis is a symptom of neurasthenia. It is called "arteriopathy neurasthenia" in medicine. It is characterized by headache, dizziness, head tightening and oppression, tinnitus, lethargy, memory loss and fatigue.
3, low judgment ability
It often shows that it can't focus on long time, reduce imagination and deal with problems. It often depends on other people's assistance to deal with them. It shows panic and worry about sudden life.
4, autonomic dysfunction of plants
It is characterized by redness of the skin (redness and uplift of the skin after being scratched), cold hands and feet, whole body and local perspiration, early white hair and early baldness.
5. Abnormality of action
In the middle and late stages of cerebral arteriosclerosis, walking and instability can occur, which is characterized by rigid gait, slow or unstable walking.
6. Seizures of epileptic spasm
Localized epilepsy is a common symptom in the late stage of cerebral arteriosclerosis, which is mainly manifested by paroxysmal and spasmodic convulsions in some parts of the body. Some patients can have independent exercise. The serious person can be caused by the cerebral arteriosclerosis bleeding, thrombus formation and appear coma paralysis and so on.
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