What is the cause of hair loss?

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What is the cause of seborrheic alopecia? I began to bald when I was 28 years old, and I had a lot of dandruff. I didn't wash my hair for a day itch. The doctor said seborrheic alopecia and how it got?

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answered by FANNIE
Seborrheic alopecia, formerly known as early baldness, male pattern baldness, male alopecia, diffuse alopecia, and common alopecia, is related to heredity, androgen and seborrhea. The symptoms include excessive secretion of oil in the scalp and greasy hair. The clinical manifestations of patients with scalp fat excessive overflow, cause scalp greasy moist, mixed with dust and dander, a few days do not wash your hair is dirty, and stink, especially in the high temperature is so; sometimes accompanied by itchy scalp inflammation, is mainly due to the scalp moisture, bacterial reproduction infection caused by seborrheic dermatitis.
Guidance: the occurrence of androgenic alopecia is mainly related to genetic factors and androgens. The development of the disease is often accompanied by a normal level of androgens, and the genetic quality can increase the sensitivity of the hair follicle to androgens. The human hair follicle is a target organ sensitive to androgens, and its growth is periodic, usually through three stages of growth period, degenerative period and repose period. Secretion of human androgen is testosterone, testosterone into dihydrotestosterone in 5 alpha reductase under the action of androgen receptors and target cells in the scalp hair follicle and inhibits the growth of hair papilla, hair follicle cell growth and metabolism of interference, so that the hair in advance into the rest period, which caused the AGA.
Androgen is an important factor affecting the development of hair follicles. Androgen changes are closely related to the causes of seborrheic hair loss. The male body androgen after a reductase important transformation, combined with in hair follicle receptors, they can have complex reaction, the growth period of hair follicle shortening, hair follicle diameter becomes smaller; and the female body the most important androgen activity is very weak, and the amount of reductase is much lower than the male, a protective aromatase is in the scalp, so women should not suffer from the loss of hair.
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answered by PATTY
Seborrheic alopecia, alopecia is a kind of based on the excessive sebum overflow, often accompanied by increased dandruff, scalp itching often greasy, obviously.
The main cause of seborrheic alopecia is sebaceous secretion excessive accumulation in the hair follicles around, or even compression to the hair follicle to plug holes, the normal growth of manufacturing obstacles, in addition, sebum secretion in excess of oleic acid and linoleic acid on hair follicle toxicity, hair lead poisoning, wither and fall off. Seborrheic alopecia occurs mostly in the young and vigorous sebaceous glands, and gradually begins to hair from the head, spreading to the forehead. The scalp is greasy and bright red with yellow and oily scab.
Recommendation: try to sleep at least 6 hours a day, develop the habit of regular sleep. Pay attention to diet nutrition, eat foods rich in protein and trace elements, eat more vegetables, fruits, and eat less greasy and high sugar foods.
Avoid too much damage
Hair Coloring, perm and hair so the hair will cause some damage; Hair Coloring liquid, perm liquid on hair is larger, the number of the hair will lose luster and elasticity, and yellowing withered; sunlight in the ultraviolet damage to hair, make hair dry yellow; air conditioning and air cooling can become the cause of hair loss and hair, the air is too dry or too much humidity. To protect the hair.
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answered by GAYLE
Seborrheic alopecia, commonly known as bald, is a hair degenerative phenomenon, start pomade more dandruff, scalp itching, and severe hair loss in the hair and wash your hair, head hair thinning, thin yellow hair dry, not long, alopecia of the scalp thin, smooth, gradually closed pores women showed diffuse alopecia, generally 5-10 years were bald.
It is due to heavy mental burden, excessive use of the brain, eating food, alcohol stimulation, the body with intrinsic heat, heat steam, head of the secretion of excess fat, in the scalp temperature and oxygen oxidation into fatty acids by scalp hair follicle resorption, hair follicle destruction of epithelial cells, make the hair root connective tissue hair ball from erosion and oppression of fatty acids, resulting in hair root deep tissue ischemia and hypoxia, in the leadership and intellectuals are more common.
Chinese medicine believes that the quality of kidney and hair growth, there is a direct relationship between the liver qi and kidney is the congenital foundation, the source of blood. The main bone marrow, which in the hair. Liver blood, blood, hair dry. So no matter what kind of hair loss, are directly related to liver and kidney, treatment should be the first invigorating kidney.
Use the computer for a long time are easy to hair loss, because the computer radiation suffered too much, two is the computer operations require concentration, long will continue to increase the brain's arousal, associated endocrine disorder Xu, hair follicles easily be embolism, make the hair nutrition supply problems, resulting in an increase in shedding hair fragility.
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answered by FANNIE
Most of this type of alopecia in male hair loss occurs in men, characterized by high oil secretion at the top of the forehead, hair falling and thinning. The hair of the whole top of the forehead can be shedding, causing bald, beautiful and greater than the actual age. Between 20~35 years old men more, later with the age of hair would slow down, but the symptoms will continue to increase, and with the hair oil, dandruff, head itch, smell and so on. Fewer women, the main symptom is the hair sparsity, hair line and both sides of the hair growth normal, generally will not fall off. In life, we must limit the intake of fat, food containing fat, animal viscera, fat, lard and so on. We should pay attention to light diet, try to drink less strong tea, do not eat chili, ginger and garlic spicy excitant food, and scalp can easily secrete oil. Eat more foods with high vitamin content: bean products, eggs, seafood, fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meat, and so on. Haw, strawberry, and so on, the combination of fiber is good for controlling the hair's oil. Besides, do not use the shampoo that is too strong, wash your head frequently, comb your hair sooner or later, but don't comb your hair with your nails. Keep your sleep and stay away from your troubles. Try to avoid using a computer for a long time.
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answered by LUZ
Ten tips for preventing hair loss
1. do not use nylon comb and head brush, because the nylon comb and the head brush is easy to produce static electricity, will bring bad stimulation to the hair and scalp. The ideal is to use the boxwood comb and brush bristle head, which can remove the dandruff, increase hair shiny, and can massage the scalp, promote the blood circulation.
2. hair washing, the best time for the shampoo is 2-5 days. At the same time, you need to rub the edge and massage, not only to keep the scalp clean, but also to make the scalp to live blood.
3. no degreasing or alkaline shampoo, the degreasing and dehydration of this kind of shampoo are very strong, easy to make hair dry scalp necrosis. No irritating natural shampoo for scalp and hair should be selected or selected according to its hair quality.
4. smoking cessation, smoking can make the scalp capillary contraction, thereby affecting the development of hair growth.
5. alcohol, liquor, especially hot white liquor will cause the scalp to produce heat and moisture, causing hair loss. Even beer, wine should be appropriate, at least &ldquo of the liver per week; rest ” two days, (that is, stop drinking).
6. eliminate the mental depression, the mental state is unstable, the daily anxiety can lead to hair loss, the deeper the degree of depression, the faster the speed of hair loss. For women, the life is busy and the proper amount of exercise is maintained. The hair will be bright and dark and full of vitality. On the contrary, the more tense the life is, the more busy the work is, the higher the chance of hair loss. Therefore, we often take deep breaths, take a walk, do relaxation exercises and so on, which can eliminate the mental fatigue of the day.
7. perm hair should be careful. The heat temperature of the blower is 100 degrees. It will destroy the hair tissue and damage the scalp, so it is necessary to avoid the general blow. The number of perm should not be too much, the perm liquid is also larger on the hair, and the number of times will make the hair hair hurt a lot of Qi.
8. more vegetables to prevent constipation. Keep eating more grain and fruit for the year. If the intake of vegetables is reduced, it is easy to cause constipation and “ to stain the blood ” to affect the quality of the hair, and to get the hemorrhoids also accelerate the hair loss at the top of the head.
9. air conditioning should be appropriate. The warm and wet air of the air conditioner and the cold wind can all be the cause of hair loss and white hair. Too dry air or too high humidity can be harmful to the protection of hair.
10. pay attention to the hat, the helmet's ventilation. Hair is not muggy. People wearing hats and helmets make their hair breathable for a long time, and they are prone to hair. In particular, the pore muscles that are pressed by hats or helmets at the hairline are easy to relax and cause hair loss. Therefore, the hats and the helmet should be well ventilated, such as the hollow cap lining on the cushion or the increase of the small holes.
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