What are the symptoms of folliculitis?

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What are the symptoms of folliculitis?

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The main clinical classification of folliculitis is:
1, folliculitis keloidalis: also known as folliculitis keloidalis, hair and hair of sore sore. Most of the elderly men, especially those with acne and keloid, are prone to this disease. At the beginning of the disease, red small papules or small pustules appeared at the hairline, and gradually developed into keloid induration, with round, oval and irregular shape. Usually hair after the hair area, the affected part of the hair is scarce or completely off, the course of the disease is slow, often several years can not be healed.
2, abscess perifolliculitis and head cellulitis, occurs mainly in young men. At the beginning of the beginning, the scalp, especially the back of the head, may have blackhead crest folliculitis and periarthritis of the hair follicle. Will increase gradually become darker, soybean, even peach large inflammatory nodules, most of which can be turned into the fluctuation of abscess, after breaking into a few fistulas, there is pus outflow. The course of the disease is long, continuous, some consecutive years, some can be delayed for more than 10 years.
3, simple folliculitis: acute folliculitis. At the beginning, the hair follicle has an itchy red papule in the mouth of the hair follicle, and there is an inflammatory red around the mouth. After scratching can form a pimple, a few days after the pus head break, a small amount of pus discharged gradually after recovery, no scar. Good hair in the head of children, adults in the scalp and axillary and other places.
4, pustular folliculitis: also called follicular impetigo, superficial follicular stomatitis. As the hair follicle mouth redness around, there are millet to the size of mung bean yellow pustules, center hair out around the redness, itching or burning. After a few days, the pustules are alterable and dry scab, and the scab has white scrub after the scab. It occurs easily in the limbs, scalp, calf and so on.
5, alopecia folliculitis: also called sheep's beard sore, is the folliculitis that occurs in the male beard part of the folliculitis, the lip and the chin are more common. Swelling erythema, follicular papules, or pustules may occur at the beginning of the beginning of the disease, and the center of the lesion has a beard throughout. After breaking through dry pustules, scab, scab off after recovery, but repeated emergence of new blisters, lesions can cause damage in the eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic hair and armpit hair etc..
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Folliculitis symptom
A department of Streptococcus pyogenes invasion of hair follicle inflammation around the mouth, confined to the upper part of the hair follicle, divided into suppurative and non suppurative two, more common in immunocompromised or diabetic patients, good hair on the head and nape. Folliculitis early as substantial red papules, after the rapid development into a papular abscess, and then drying, scab, scab off after leaving no trace. The number of rashes is more, but it does not merge. Folliculitis is most common in adults.
Good hair in the head, neck, hip and vulva and so on.
Conscious itching or mild pain, generally no systemic symptoms. At the beginning of the rash, it was a big red hair follicle in the needle, gradually becoming a large pustule of miliary grain, with hair running through the center, and inflammatory flush around it. Most of the pustules appear in batch and do not merge with each other.
Pustules ulceration after discharge a small amount of blood, a yellow scab, scab off is more, do not leave scar.
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